Jenn’s reading of the runes addressed my current situation with uncanny accuracy and gave me a great deal of hope in the challenges I’m currently facing. Her explanations and stories of the runes provided great context and insight without being overwhelmed with detail that was not needed. She gave me just enough direction to understand the key meanings associated with each rune in the spread and its location, but then gave me space to apply it to my own situation without being at all prescriptive. I really loved that balance of explanation and freedom to make my own meaning! She followed up the reading with a thorough PDF with images of the runes, their names and meanings, and a summary of the explanations going with each one and its location. This is fantastically helpful in anchoring the experience as I continue to sit with it. I highly recommend!
— K.S.

Thank you again for the great reading. It is inspiring and very insightful for opportunities and perhaps challenges for the coming year. Your gift for interpreting the Runes and their applications to my life was uncanny and very accurate. It’s an honor to get a reading by you.
— w.w., North Carolina

I don’t get “readings” often, as I am very particular about who reads for me. My rune reading was like stepping through a portal where the wisdom of the ancient myths came alive to assist in my life’s journey. Jenn is an adept and wise guide through this terrain. I found it particularly comforting how easily Jenn can weave together her extensive knowledge on the runes and their surrounding mythology WITH practical application to my life and my current circumstances. Her presence was calm, steady and comforting, yet I could feel her strength and its deep hold during our session. Afterward, to receive a pdf with a picture of my reading and a synopsis of its meanings was a true “cherry on top” for this amazing experience.
— S.W., Arizona

The universe provided me with a great soulful invitation today. Jenn’s intuitive and spiritual nature helped guide me with direction for my life’s journey. Her open warmth and spiritual confidence was a true gift.
— R.B., Alabama

Jenn is a true Soul Mentor. She has a remarkable way of being really present during dialogue, so that every exchange becomes a sacred act. She listens intently and willingly holds the space for your voice to be heard. She gets to the heart of the matter with patience and grace in a way that values the deep yearnings of your Soul…
— D.M., Ireland

Studying Norse mythology and the runes with Jenn was an amazing experience. Something stirred deep in the seeds of memory in what she shared. Her reverence for the sacred history and the rituals that surround these ancient tools made them relevant and useful today.
— J.R.

High praise for Jenn’s rune course! Her knowledge of rune lore, mythology and rune use is extensive. She shares this knowledge in a very easy to understand format via the materials she provides as well as her patient online and conference call instruction. Her passion for runes is infectious which creates a beautiful cycle of teacher and student pushing each other to go deeper. It is this dynamic interplay that helped me further develop my intuition and rune reading skills beyond what I expected!
— L.V.

Working with Runes has brought an amazing slice of magic to my Energy Work sessions both live and virtual. People LOVE to interact with this portion of the sessions. Learning from Jenn was a beautiful experience. She is super knowledgeable and passionate about this, you can’t help but get completely engrossed. And I still am!
— Xine, Spain