Rune Reading

60 MINUTES $99

You are given an interpretation of nine runes, carefully selected on your behalf. In a hour session, by phone or Skype, you receive information based upon the runes that help guide you and support your path at the time of the reading. The Norse runes are an ancient alphabet with very powerful mystical origins. Recipients come away with detailed, personal guidance that is mythic in nature and meaning. Learn about your hero or heroine's journey, archetypes as they apply to you right now, and obtain your soul map via the runes. 

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Soul Retrieval 

2 hours $200 

Soul Retrieval is a specific healing modality in which the shaman 'journeys' in an altered state of consciousness via listening to drumming or other transportive music and recovers missing pieces of self or soul.  You may benefit from a soul retrieval to get unstuck from past pain, trauma, or grief. This work takes place in Non-Ordinary Reality, where anything in ordinary reality can be affected. Because of this, long distance work has repeatedly proven to be as effective as in-person work. In addition, because this work is outside of time and space, often healing begins as soon as the appointment is booked. Sessions are conducted by phone or Skype. 

Optional: Add a soul retrieval to your rune reading. The fee for the rune reading is applied to the soul retrieval. 

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Essential Oil Consultation

First 30 MINUTES Free• Purchase Oils FEE varies

Essential oils are pure extracts distilled from the flowers, roots, and other parts of plant material. They are not oils at all, but the very life blood of the plant that benefit the plant, and therefore us, in countless ways. In a consultation, we talk by phone or Skype about your life at this time and find solutions that fit your needs. Essential oils support the body, mind and spirit on all levels, and you may enjoy the emotional balance and support they bring to your life and those of your loved ones. 


Rune Reading + Essential Oils

60 MINUTES $120 • 90 MINUTES $175

You may wish to receive a custom blend of essential oils that supports your journey at this time, based upon your rune reading! A powerful way to consciously work with the runes and what you most want to manifest or work with in your life. For example, to open a heart to self love and care, we might combine peppermint to lift the heart, geranium for love and trust, and myrrh for the nurturing heart of mother earth. Applying the blend to pulse points or diffusing in the air will work with the heart gently and effectively. 



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