My Rune Journey


About Jenn Poniatowski

Shaman, Soul Mentor, Teacher 

Jenn's path as a shaman is rooted in a deep and unshakeable love of nature and the cosmos. She has a particular affinity for Norse shamanism and found a talent for bringing the old stories to life in such a way that their application and relevance to our modern times is both empowering and practical. Jenn also has a deep understanding of god and goddess archetypes strongly influenced by mythologist, author and teacher, Joseph Campbell, as well as Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD psychiatrist and author and, the gods themselves. Jenn teaches classes on Norse runes and has integrated wisdom from the Plant Kingdom via essential oils into her work. More at

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Jenn has formal training in the art of shamanism; her education is unique for its blending of the ancient traditions with modern tools and life. As a mom, Jenn has special interests in supporting the emotional well being of young people and children. 




Jenn’s Great-Grandfather was a healer in his village in Italy who was known for his ability to ease pain in others in his community with laying on of hands and prayer. Being of European descent, Jenn loves the stories of the ancient Völur, the female seers, medicine women and priestesses who carried their signature staff (Völva means 'wed to the wand') as they traveled to the homes in their communities sharing their gifts of healing, foresight and story telling. Using essential oils is an extension of this work that brings tangible support. She loves the empowerment that comes from having natural choices at her fingertips.  

Using essential oils is an extension of this work that brings tangible support. She loves the empowerment that comes from having natural choices at her fingertips.  

In the summer of 2011, Jenn enjoyed the course Piercing the Heart of the World: Shamanism, Alchemy & the Tao, taught by Robin Rice. This was her first introduction to Robin as a teacher. Following that, she participated in Robin's apprenticeship in shamanic living in the fall and spring of 2011-2012. Upon completion of that course, Jenn was part of a collective of women who offered healing services through the “Soul Care Clinic” and began to offer her work to clients. 

In September of 2013, Jenn was a participant and group leader, or soul concierge, for Robin’s course “Healing with Presence & Beauty,” in which soul maps were explored from various works such as Maureen Murdock’s “The Heroine’s Journey.” It was from this wonderful course that Jenn learned the art of soul mentoring and was inspired to apply the techniques to her work with runes. 

Jenn has participated in two retreats to beautiful Ireland to experience and enjoy soul expansion by way of poetry, nature and the exploration of ancient monuments like Poul ná Brone located in the Burren landscape and Maeve’s cairn, a windswept place thought to house the remains of the ancient queen herself.  

A weeklong retreat in 2015 introduced Jenn to essential oils and she is continuing her education in plant spirit medicine as a tool to support health and wellness. She was a TA for Robin Rice’s shamanic apprenticeship and in 2017, was one of three teachers to a group of apprentices for a 9 month course of study that combined online learning with weekly calls and interaction on a private Facebook page.