Soul Retrieval Journey

Soul Retrieval Journey


Shamanic Soul Retrieval sessions are 2 hours in length and include a one hour Phone or Skype call.  The first hour is much like a virtual tea, imagine being served and deeply listened to without fear of judgement or unwanted advice.  This is the perfect time to feel as if you are sitting down with a warm and open hearted friend. I'm also going to work with what you bring me in order to unravel stuck points for you and help you look at the story in a new way. I will then hang up with you and go to do the shamanic journey on your behalf.  After 20 minutes on average, I will connect back with you and explain what I experienced.  You will have time at this point to ask questions and comment further. 

Soul Retrieval is a specific healing modality in which the shaman journeys through an altered state of consciousness,  brought on by listening to drumming or other transportive music, to recover missing pieces of self.  You may benefit from a soul retrieval to get “unstuck” from what might be holding you back from accepting, expressing and/or living your true nature. This work takes place in Non-Ordinary Reality, where anything in ordinary reality can be affected. Because of this, long distance work has repeatedly proven to be as effective as in-person work. In addition, because this work is outside of time and space, often healing begins as soon as the appointment is booked.

Most people come away immediately feeling energized, with a greater sense of inner peace and well being.  Soul Retrievals can help you get closure, complete a process of healing that had already begun, or get what was stuck moving again.

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