Norse Runes, A Reference Guide

Norse Runes, A Reference Guide


This guide is perfect if your rune set did not come with a book or guide. If you are an experienced rune reader, it is a wonderful quick reference, giving you just the keys you need to access your own intuitive information.  On the front, you will find the Elder Futhark runic alphabet arranged in a circular format.  This illustrates the Norse runes as a Way, or path, to continual refinement of the soul and spirit. On page two, you find the rune,  what letter/sound it is associated with, the literal and symbolic meanings, and also associated Norse mythology. You will receive a link that is valid for 24 hours.  

Print options available on premium paper and/or laminated, kindly click the photo for the details or read more below. 

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Hard copies are available, sized 8 1/2 X 11" which have been printed on glossy premium paper. The guide will be mailed to you in a rigid photo mailer, in the USA for $9.99. Please use my contact form if you outside the USA and I will invoice you based on international mailing costs. Select if you would like your guide laminated! Perfect to toss in a suitcase or computer bag for travelling with your runes when you don't want the added weight of a book.

Printed guides will be mailed within 2 business days. Allow an additional day for lamination. 

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