Rune Reading

Rune Reading

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I select nine runes on your behalf. Kindly click the photo above for full product description. The first three represent your past, present and immediate future: what was, what is becoming, and what shall be. You get a deeper understanding of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re headed at this moment in time. The next rune is set beneath these three, representing the unconscious realm and hidden motivations. This knowledge helps give you context, focus and adds meaning to your situation. Then we look at your challenge or current task; that which holds you back or represents the biggest obstacle to your truth, or forward momentum. Finally, the outcome rune signifies where you’re going based upon all the runes we have already seen.

My readings are designed to empower you to make the best choices for yourself by informing, guiding, and illuminating the way. I like to think of the runes as a set of keys; behind each door there is a story for you and you are free to choose the direction to go. Full one hour readings include three additional “going deeper” runes. 

Readings are one hour in length and include a PDF photo/summary of your session. Remember to simply click the photo above for additional information and explanation on including the spirit medicine of essential oils. 


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My readings are infused with stories from related Norse mythology and legends of the ancient people who first used the runic alphabet for writing, divination and magic. After, you will also get a  PDF document that has a photo of your reading and a summary of each rune’s meaning to have for your reference.  You will have a personalized ‘soul’ map, essentially, and I often hear people say how happy they are to receive such a fine level of detail and accuracy during their session. 

All readings are done by phone or Skype.  If within 30 days of your rune reading, you would like to upgrade to a full soul retrieval journey (SRE) done by me, I will apply the payment you have already made to the fee of the SRE.

The Runes & Essential Oils 

Each rune has its own story in mythology and metaphor for our current lives.  To support your journey, you may incorporate the use of certified pure essential oils.  I have selected three of these wonderful plant products for each rune we know in the Elder Futhark alphabet.  These oils are derived by steam distillation from the leaves and flowers of plants grown around the world and can assist you in your process of discovering your joy and tapping into your own inner light.  If you would like to upgrade your one-hour rune reading to include three oils for your personal use, the fee is $199.  

For forging your own path on your mythic journey, I have found these beautiful oils have become an integral part of my own life on all levels of body/mind/spirit wellness. 

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