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Making myths means finding direction, meaning and defragmentation in the midst of seeming chaos or difficulty. Soul retrievals are a specific healing modality that offer immediate help and often the benefits continue to develop over time. The Norse runes, by way of ancient symbol, provide insight and guidance through associated stories of the past & the old gods and goddesses whose archetypes continue to have value even, and especially, today. I employ them as an effective soul mentoring tool. Click "Add to Cart" under your selection below and I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment by phone or Skype. 


  • Combine a one hour rune reading with a soul retrieval session for an added value. The $99 fee for the reading is applied to the $230 for the Soul Retrieval, so essentially, you get the reading free. 
  • Add essential oils! You may wish to enjoy the sacred medicine of plant spirits by way of pure essential oils. If I see the rune Wunjo, which means love, joy & wish fulfillment, and you would like more of that, as many do, we may select for you geranium, bergamot, and marjoram, the oils love & trust, self-acceptance and connection. I will ship three full size essential oils to you with instructions. 


What Others Say

“Jenn’s reading of the runes addressed my current situation with uncanny accuracy and gave me a great deal of hope in the challenges I’m currently facing. Her explanations and stories of the runes provided great context and insight without being overwhelmed with detail that was not needed. She gave me just enough direction to understand the key meanings associated with each rune in the spread and its location, but then gave me space to apply it to my own situation without being at all prescriptive. I really loved that balance of explanation and freedom to make my own meaning! She followed up the reading with a thorough PDF with images of the runes, their names and meanings, and a summary of the explanations going with each one and its location. This is fantastically helpful in anchoring the experience as I continue to sit with it. I highly recommend Jenn for both her intuitive reading ability and her lovely style of sharing!”  — K.S. 
“Thank you again for the great reading. It is inspiring and very insightful for opportunities and perhaps challenges for the coming year. Your gift for interpreting the Runes and their applications to my life was uncanny and very accurate. It’s an honor to get a reading by you.” —W.W. 
“I don’t get “readings” often, as I am very particular about who reads for me. My rune reading was like stepping through a portal where the wisdom of the ancient myths came alive to assist in my life’s journey. Jenn is an adept and wise guide through this terrain. I found it particularly comforting how easily Jenn can weave together her extensive knowledge on the runes and their surrounding mythology WITH practical application to my life and my current circumstances. Her presence was calm, steady and comforting, yet I could feel her strength and its deep hold during our session. Afterward, to receive a pdf with a picture of my reading and a synopsis of its meanings was a true “cherry on top” for this amazing experience.” — S.W.
“The universe provided me with a great soulful invitation today. Jenn’s intuitive and  spiritual nature helped guide me with direction for my life’s journey. Her open warmth and spiritual confidence was a true gift.” — R.B. 
“Jenn is a true Soul Mentor. She has a remarkable way of being really present during dialogue, so that every exchange becomes a sacred act. She listens intently and willingly holds the space for your voice to be heard. She gets to the heart of the matter with patience and grace in a way that values the deep yearnings of your Soul…” — D.M. 


Rune Readings

Rune Reading
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I select nine runes on your behalf. Kindly click the photo above for full product description. The first three represent your past, present and immediate future: what was, what is becoming, and what shall be. You get a deeper understanding of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re headed at this moment in time. The next rune is set beneath these three, representing the unconscious realm and hidden motivations. This knowledge helps give you context, focus and adds meaning to your situation. Then we look at your challenge or current task; that which holds you back or represents the biggest obstacle to your truth, or forward momentum. Finally, the outcome rune signifies where you’re going based upon all the runes we have already seen.

My readings are designed to empower you to make the best choices for yourself by informing, guiding, and illuminating the way. I like to think of the runes as a set of keys; behind each door there is a story for you and you are free to choose the direction to go. Full one hour readings include three additional “going deeper” runes. 

Readings are one hour in length and include a PDF photo/summary of your session. Remember to simply click the photo above for additional information and explanation on including the spirit medicine of essential oils. 


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Rune Journeys

An in depth exploration of each rune in the Old Norse alphabet and their many applications, Jenn Poniatowski's eBook includes stories from Norse mythology, how to use the runes for divination and guidance. It is both a "how to" manual as well as a source book of meaningful information to guide your life. 

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Soul retrieval Journeys

Soul Retrieval Journey

Shamanic Soul Retrieval sessions are 2 hours in length and include a one hour Phone or Skype call.  The first hour is much like a virtual tea, imagine being served and deeply listened to without fear of judgement or unwanted advice.  This is the perfect time to feel as if you are sitting down with a warm and open hearted friend. I'm also going to work with what you bring me in order to unravel stuck points for you and help you look at the story in a new way. I will then hang up with you and go to do the shamanic journey on your behalf.  After 20 minutes on average, I will connect back with you and explain what I experienced.  You will have time at this point to ask questions and comment further. 

Soul Retrieval is a specific healing modality in which the shaman journeys through an altered state of consciousness,  brought on by listening to drumming or other transportive music, to recover missing pieces of self.  You may benefit from a soul retrieval to get “unstuck” from what might be holding you back from accepting, expressing and/or living your true nature. This work takes place in Non-Ordinary Reality, where anything in ordinary reality can be affected. Because of this, long distance work has repeatedly proven to be as effective as in-person work. In addition, because this work is outside of time and space, often healing begins as soon as the appointment is booked.

Most people come away immediately feeling energized, with a greater sense of inner peace and well being.  Soul Retrievals can help you get closure, complete a process of healing that had already begun, or get what was stuck moving again.

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For The Rune Reader, a Quick Guide 

Norse Runes, A Reference Guide

This guide is perfect if your rune set did not come with a book or guide. If you are an experienced rune reader, it is a wonderful quick reference, giving you just the keys you need to access your own intuitive information.  On the front, you will find the Elder Futhark runic alphabet arranged in a circular format.  This illustrates the Norse runes as a Way, or path, to continual refinement of the soul and spirit. On page two, you find the rune,  what letter/sound it is associated with, the literal and symbolic meanings, and also associated Norse mythology. You will receive a link that is valid for 24 hours.  

Print options available on premium paper and/or laminated, kindly click the photo for the details or read more below. 

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