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Jenn has been working with the Norse runes for more than twenty years and employs the “Elder Futhark” alphabet. She has a great love for mythology and the stories of the ancient past that inspire and inform us in a deeper way about the challenges we encounter in our modern world. Readings begin with and are touched by her heartfelt connection to the Norns, the three goddesses and fates, Urd, Verdandi and Skuld, What Was, What Is Becoming, and What Shall Be…Sisters and the weavers of destiny who tend the roots of the world tree, mystical Yggdrasil.  

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2. I remember yet the giants of yore,
Who gave me bread in the days gone by;
Nine worlds I knew, the nine in the tree
With mighty roots beneath the mold.
— Excerpt from the Voluspá - Prophecy of the Seeress


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