Legal Disclaimer 

The offerings described as Rune Readings and Soul Retrievals are intended to complement or work in synergy with the advice of your primary care provider or other health professional.  I am not a licensed physician and as such do not diagnose illness or prescribe treatments.  Shamanic practices can assist with and restore a greater sense of well-being, vitality and wholeness, allowing you to begin or complete a process of transition or healing.  However, the results are not entirely predictable and as such, you are advised to seek and/or continue the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. 

Further, the information provided in a rune reading is not intended to replace legal advice, or medical or psychological health care you may be undergoing or require.  The reading of runes is provided for your information only.  The responsibility for choices made based on your rune reading lies with you, your own common sense and intuition.  

Upon purchase, you legally release Jenn Poniatowski of any responsibility for your healing process and possible legal action. This means you release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Jenn Poniatowski from any liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of actions whatsoever related to any loss, damage, death or injury that may be sustained.