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A course in runes is now enrolling for January 2019


Runes & Shamanic Healing

Enjoy an intuitive rune reading or shamanic healing. This is my heart and soul work that empowers, restores and recovers the soul. Rune readings are best for answering bigger questions relating to your life's journey. Soul Retrievals help those who are stuck in limiting patterns related to past trauma, loss or grief.





Extracts from plants, essential oils are fragrant, wonderful products of nature. I am ready to consult with you and provide custom recommendations for what pure oil may best support your emotional well being as well as give your home and loved ones solutions for everyday health and wellness. Schedule a free consultation. 


Upcoming Classes


A Course in Runes
now enrolling!

The Norse runes are an ancient alphabet with powerful mystical origins. The ability to interpret the hidden meaning behind each rune is one that can be learned and used to gain insight into your life path and to create positive changes. The course takes place over 11 months of online learning with access to a tribe of fellow students and weekly live call. Beginners are welcome. For those that already have some knowledge of the runes, you will deepen your practice. What makes this course unique is its focus on the ancient texts, stories and personal transformation and empowerment. You will enjoy a profound connection or re-connection with figures of Norse mythology, from the spirit horses and guides to the gods and goddesses. 

The wise child
Coming soon

The Wise Child is a course in enchantment. We use essential oils and blends to support child like wonder and emotional support through fairy tales. Required reading for this class is The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales by Bruno Bettelheim. A great course for parents and care givers of children who are often described as "old souls," or "wise" for their age. Additionally, learn how essential oils paired with great stories support the highly sensitive child or young person in your life. 


eBooks & Guides 

Visit here to purchase my eBook, Rune-Journeys and for the rune apprentice, a quick guide that pairs perfect with any Elder Futhark rune set.